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      Our HOA community has some real problems that need to be addressed. The good news is they are easily resolved with a simple change of perspective. We all must remember that we are neighbors and members of an actual, physical community. If we all bear this in mind and seek to support each other as neighbors, and in a fashion we, ourselves, would like to be supported, these problems will quickly disappear.
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    • 1 month, 3 weeks ago

      Morgan Mitchell

    • HOA Meetings- Next meeting May 21st
      Enter this forum to see the list of upcoming meetings and our own notes from the meetings we've attended as we await the official meeting minutes to be released. Regular and special board meetings are open to all members of the Woodland Hills community. In order to protect our homes and our investments we need to be aware of the issues and let our voices be heard. Attendance to these meetings helps create a much needed checks and balance system.    
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    • Events
      When our forum was open to community engagement any of our community members could have posted an event they were interested in advertising. However, now that our forum dynamic has changed that is no longer possible. We will continue to add events as we can and send them out in our monthly newsletter. If you have a local event you would like advertised on our community forum and added to the newsletter, please  send a message with the details for consideration.
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    • 2 months ago

      Dana Mitchell