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    ROO Update

    The Board of Directors voted on which course of action they wanted to bring to the community- re-zoning Woodland Hills with the city and adopting the ROO OR amending our CC&R’s to reflect a limitation of no more than 2 non-related families in a single-family unit. Three voted for the amendment, one voted for both re-zoning and amendment, and because Jaime was present via a phone connection I was unable to hear her vote.

    Dana and Morgan delivered the results of the Woodland Hills Forum survey which you can see here. We appreciate the community involvement and thank each of you who participated! In short, 20% of voters voted for re-zoning with the city, 70% voted for amending our CC&R’s, and 10% voted No to adopting multi-family restrictions.

    Now, it’s up to us as a community to have an official vote. In order to officially add this multi-family restriction to our CC&R’s there needs to be a 2/3 consensus of our HOA, which is all property owners of Woodland Hills. Our Board will need to educate the community on this important matter, there will need to be discussions on what it means for short-term rentals, what defines short-term rentals, and what the language of the amendment will be.