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    Executive Session

    Around 4:15 the Board of Directors called the executive session at which point non-Board members are asked to step out. Morgan questioned one of the topics, 2025 Capital Improvements and Budget Forecast, slated for the executive session which is closed off to all non-Board members. The topic doesn’t fit the criteria laid out in Texas Property Code Sec. 209.0051(c) and that was provided on the agenda we received at the beginning of the meeting. Tiffany insisted it does.

    About 45 mins later the Board emerged and began leaving. They had adjourned the meeting during the executive session. When we asked about an oral summary, which we had waited for and was on the agenda, we received a “No” from Cheryl. Tiffany replied that we can read it in the minutes.

    To read the rest of the story please see this post.

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