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    ROO – Restricted Occupancy Overlay

    ROO refers to a regulation that limits the number of unrelated individuals living together in a single dwelling to no more than two.

    Currently, our CC&R’s do not specify how many unrelated individuals can live in a single dwelling home. So, Woodland Hills needs to decide how we, as a community, are going to proceed. Are we going to ask the city to enforce this regulation or are we going to add it to our CC&R’s? The Board suggested they will vote on this at the next meeting on May 21st so please keep reading to get all the information we have.

    As a college town this topic is especially important for us. Houses in our neighborhood go up for rent and even though we are far enough away from the University to make Woodland Hills less desirable for college students housing limitations closer to campus are becoming less available/affordable. Not to mention the ever present possibility that TAMU may decide to expand south.

    The official meeting minutes from Feb. 27th shows that the Board of Directors hosted on that day two city representatives to come talk to our HOA about our specific situation as Woodland Hills currently has 15-18 rental properties. To our surprise, this meeting was not publicized or made known to our HOA community on the Association Services BCS website until April 9th which was 6 weeks after the meeting took place or I’m sure some of us would have been interested in attending. You can read the official meeting minutes from Feb. 27th here to get more information on what was learned at that time and the decision our community has in front of us.

    Don’t forget that regular and special board meetings are open to the community! In order to protect our homes and our investments we need to be aware of the issues and let our voices be heard. The next board meeting is currently scheduled for May 21st at 3:15pm at Firestation #5.

    Edited May 10th: We created a survey on the ROO for our community members. Vote Now on the ROO!