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    Preserving our Community-bought Fences

    At this meeting several of the Board of Directors brought in different quotes regarding protecting and preserving our common area fences which were paid for with our community dues. These fences line various homeowner properties so there needs to be a coordinated effort to help preserve and maintain these fences.

    The quotes we heard at this meeting ranged from $8,300 to $10,500 for 1,700 ft with varying degrees of service from including or not including power washing, treating one side vs both sides of the fence, and whether the treatment would be rolled or sprayed. In the end, it was concluded by the Board of Directors it would be this Fall before they actually contract the work. This gives any of our homeowners time to add to the discussion and help support our Board of Directors in this decision. If you have any inputs you would like to add to this, or any, discussion feel free to send a message to us for inclusion on the forum. All serious submissions will be considered. Also, please come to the next meeting scheduled for May 21st at the Firehouse @ 3:15.