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    Trees in the Common Area are Dying

    It turns out many of the trees in our common area are dying. According to the discussion we heard this seems to be due to mulch being placed too high up on the tree. Evidently, if the mulch is higher than 2 inches it can negatively impact the trees. Another thing that seems to be detrimental to the trees is that many are right up against a fence and from what I heard this kills the roots. Vanessa walked the area with an Arborist and it was concluded that 9 of our trees are in bad shape.

    Cheryl, President of our Board and who we are learning is a gardening enthusiast, was especially sad to hear this. I would guess that many of us in the neighborhood are sad too. The trees are lovely and even those that are apparently suffering still look good to our untrained eyes.

    There was discussion amongst the board as to the time frame of addressing the affected trees but we did not witness an actual vote take place.