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      Morgan Mitchell

        2025 Budget Hidden in Executive Session

        At the May 21st meeting, there was an agenda item listed for discussion during the executive session called “2025 Capital Improvements and Budget Forecast”. Before the executive session began, I asked for permission to ask a question and let the board know that this agenda item didn’t appear to meet the criteria for executive session as stated in Texas 11.209.0051…

          • actions involving personnel
          • pending or threatened litigation
          • contract negotiations
          • enforcement actions
          • confidential communications with the
            property owners’ association’s attorney
          • matters involving the invasion of privacy
            of individual owners
          • matters that are to remain confidential by request of the
            affected parties and agreement of the board.

        Tiffany York of Association Services, BCS, our management company, spoke up to say that she believed it was permissible. A brief and unproductive argument ensued until Dana and I were ushered out of the building by Cheryl, the president.

        Even if the board could concoct a strategy to entangle discussions of the 2025 budget with discussions of owners late paying their dues in such a way as to legally permit keeping the 2025 budget a secret from the home-owners/members…our question is “why would you do that”?

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