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      Morgan Mitchell
        Annual Member Meetings Are Mandatory

        It is our understanding that there may have been a regular member meeting in 2019. There may also have been a regular member meeting in 2021. There was definitely a regular member meeting in January of 2024 with the election of the new board. At that meeting, members were allowed to speak for two minutes each if they wished. This means that, if our information is accurate, members have been given a total of two minutes to speak at regular member meetings over the course of three years.

        Additionally, according to the Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act, if regular member meetings are missed, the members are empowered to form an election committee to elect a new board. But, we have never received any notice of such an opportunity during those years.

        If our management company, Association Services, BCS, which the board relies on for compliance, doesn’t notify the members of the mandatory nature of the regular member meeting nor the legal option of forming an election committee when triggered, does this mean the management company doesn’t recognize the members as customers who’s rights must be protected with a simple email?

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