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      Morgan Mitchell

        Homeowners Kicked Out of the Building…

        During the May 21st Board of Directors meeting, we were kicked out of the building for the secret executive session. Cheryl, the president of the board, insisted that we leave the building for the executive session. She indicated that she wanted to leave the door to the meeting room open, so we had to leave the Firehouse (a public building) entirely where the entry door was locked behind us…into 90deg, high-humidity heat without regard to medical conditions, without water, and without a place to sit. It may seem funny to some to put out into the heat for more than 45 minutes the only two homeowners who took two hours out of the middle of a workday to attend a community meeting, then adjourn the meeting without the oral summary that they had been standing out there waiting for, but it seems like a really bad idea to us…unsafe, in fact. We attend these meetings so that we may report back to the other homeowners what is happening in our community. This role is particularly necessary now that the board has shifted their meetings to the middle of the workday when most homeowners are unable to attend…a practice we hope they will reconsider.

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