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      Morgan Mitchell

        No Oral Summary of Secret Executive Session?

        We attended the Board of Directors meeting on 21 May, at 3:15pm. After being kicked out of the building so the BoD could have their secret “executive session” we were not permitted back in to hear the oral summary required by the Texas state law (Title 11 Ch. 209 Sec. 0051).

        This is the second consecutive BoD meeting we have attended where no subsequent oral summary of the executive session has been provided.

        There have been seven meetings of this BoD since January. As of this date, no summaries of the executive sessions have been entered into the minutes as required by the Texas Property Owners Protection Act (Title 11 Ch. 209) .

        The absence of the oral summary is difficult to regard as an oversight, given that the section of the law requiring it was printed at the bottom of the meeting agenda for all board-members to see.

        For a review of what Executive Sessions are and how they are to be conducted click here.

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