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      Morgan Mitchell
        Members Must Be Invited To Meetings

        Every property owner in Woodland Hills is a legal member of the Woodland Hills HOA and must be invited to the HOA Board of Directors meetings to witness the proceedings if they wish. This legal requirement is spelled out in the Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act.

        The law specifies the minimum effort required to properly notify the owners of these meetings…which we somehow seem to have fallen short of.

        Our practice appears to have been to place a mention of the planned upcoming meeting time, date, and location in the previous meeting minutes. This information is buried several layers deep on the Association Services, BCS website. It is unlikely that most members are even aware of this practice.

        The law requires that if the meeting notice is placed on a website, then an email notice must also be sent out to each and every member, no later than 72 hours prior to the meeting. Incidentally, this notice must also contain a description of any business that will be conducted in executive session. We have seen no evidence that this has ever happened.

        We find it improbable that a professional management company like Association Services, BCS, being paid a substantial sum of our member dues, responsible for managing 24 different associations for years would be ignorant of these basic requirements. We also believe our new board would follow the law if they were properly advised of it. So, what are we to make of this?

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