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        Why do we need a forum anyway?

        Unless you are one of the 4 or 5% ‘in the know’ you probably don’t have much understanding of how our annual HOA dues money is being spent and the decisions that are being made on our behalf. Our Board of Directors are elected to represent us, the owners of the 111 properties in this community. In order to know how to represent us they actually need to HEAR from us but how do we do that? This past January was the first Member’s Meeting since our family moved here in late 2020. Evidently, there was a Member’s meeting in January 2021 but somehow we weren’t made aware of it. This topic was discussed in January 2024’s Member meeting. I posted my personal notes the day after the meeting- you can read them here.

        As was stated in January’s Member Meeting an annual Member’s meeting is to take place each January (as required by Texas law and our bylaws) but ours had only happened once since 2019. On any year when the members meeting does not occur, members are empowered to initiate a new election (Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act sec.014). Did anyone make you aware of this? If not, then that’s a problem. We rely on the management company (currently Association Services, BCS) and the HOA Board to protect the rights of the members of the Woodland Hills HOA (all property owners in the subdivision). Disregarding the processes that ensure these basic rights under Texas law is equivalent to negating those rights. This is exactly where the forum fits in. You can think of the forum as an ombudsman, watch-dog, or free-press, looking out for the members of our community when others find it inconvenient to do so.

        We desire to correct these deficiencies by sharing community information and helping each member know their legal rights. Sharing information builds trust. Not sharing information builds walls.

        With your help we can change the culture of the Woodland Hills HOA to one of healthy openness and mutual respect.

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