ROO- Restricted Occupancy Overlay

The Restricted Occupancy Overlay issue, also known as the ROO, was first discussed in our January 17th Member’s Meeting. The Restricted Occupancy Overlay District (ROO) is a single-family overlay zoning district that is intended to limit occupancy to no more than two unrelated persons in single-family neighborhoods. Since our CC&R’s make no mention of how to handle ROO’s, our community has a decision to make. Should we enact a ROO? Should members be allowed to vote on the ROO? How should we enact the ROO?

Why is this important now? Because our Board of Directors is preparing to vote May 21, 2024 on which direction they want to take our community.

For all the information we currently have, please see the links here.

All Woodland Hills’ members are encouraged to lend your voice on this poll and be heard on this important topic. The results will be shared with our Board of Directors so vote now!